About Ahriman & Lucifer
by Tom Mellett

There is a real confusion about Ahriman & Lucifer in their effects on us because we fail to recognize the way they each "cross over" in any given field of our soul and spirit life. That's why I have entitled this post "The 'chiasma' of L & A."

The word is usually only used to refer to the "optic chiasma," where the optic nerve bundles from each eye cross over in the front part of  the brain before both end up in the occipital lobes way in the back of the brain. If any of you are knowledgeable about ophthamology and can explain the physiology please do so. I just felt it was the best metaphor to describe the "crossover" process with L & A.

What is the nature of the crossover or chiasma? Consider what Steiner tells us is Lucifer's agenda. I've written it many times before:

Lucifer wishes to make us into "moral automatons."

What is the "crossover" here? Well, it's not the "moral" part, since that's part and parcel of Lucifer's spiritual realm. It's the "automaton" part. But wait a minute! Is not "automation" or "mechanism" something that we normally think of as Ahrimanic? So Lucifer wants to employ an Ahrimanic tactic, i.e. mechanizing, but employ it for his own realm of morality, which has its source in the spiritual worlds.

On the other side, what is Ahriman's agenda?

Ahriman wishes us to be "free but amoral beings."

Since Ahriman wants us to deny that the spiritual world exists, he can best achieve that by getting us to deny morality--- become amoral. But the "free" part--- is not our freedom a gift of Lucifer? So that Ahriman "crosses over" and employs the gift of Lucifer, freedom, to get us to deny the spiritual.

Let's look at some examples. We all complain about how pedantic and out of touch the Anthroposophical Society has become today. If we consider that the CONTENT of anthroposophy is entirely Luciferic, then Lucifer employs an Ahrimanic mechanism to stifle anthroposophy and keep it from flowing properly out into Ahriman's world. Thus Lucifer uses a crossover Ahrimanic tactic to keep anthroposophy from properly permeating Ahriman's world.

The result is that the FORM anthroposophy takes in our world has all these Ahrimanic characteristics. It is wooden, it is ossified; it is dead; it is bureaucratic; it is pedantic, dull, lifeless, dry, completely out of touch with what concerns our inner beings right now. As an example from the other side, consider a typical atheistic science or computer geek. The CONTENT of his world view is entirely Ahrimanic. He lives in and loves data, bytes of information. But what about the FORM of his world view? How many such geeks are prone to tremendous flights of fantasy, whether it be in science fiction or computer games? The point is that be they computer game wizards or professional physicists, they give full vent to their Luciferic gift of FREEDOM to think up and picture all kinds of fantasies, theories, hypotheses, conjectures about the nature of reality. They are literally drunk on Luciferic freedom.

The result is that Ahriman gets them to deny the reality of the spiritual world, by utilizing a crossover Luciferic tactic of having his geeks indulge their total freedom in thinking. How can we learn to balance these two things? How could we bring life to the lifeless, dead Anthroposophical Society? One way is to divert the mechanizing process from morality to the realm where it belongs, namely the physical material world. Instead of mechanizing our ethics, why not mechanize our toilets better? Or at least APPRECIATE the mechanization that we have in the physical world if we find ourselves "mechanically challenged."

In fact, by diverting the mechanizing from morality, we just might begin to allow the influx of FREEDOM into the moral realm as Steiner teaches us in PoF. ...

On the other side, how can we get Ahriman's atheistic army of materialistic techno-geeks to open up to consider the reality of the spiritual world? Why not begin to constrict the wild-ass Luciferic intoxication with freedom by bringing world views, theories, fantasies down to earth? Bring Saturn energy in to reduce the Jupiter expansiveness of freedom intoxication?

Instead of giving total license to every possible idea and fantasy, why not test to see if the idea is in conformity with the deterministic nature of Ahriman's world? That way, freedom goes into Lucifer's realm where it belongs and thinking in Ahriman's world becomes limited to the boundaries of physical reality. ...

Also, the L & A crossover is necessary for understanding things like the turnaround of old & new conscience, the turning inside out of the cervical vertebrae into the skull--- as well as plant metamorhosis and many other things.



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