Calendar of the Soul

Verses by Rudolf Steiner
English Translations by Tom Mellett

Forty Second Week / Eleventh Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#42) and its polar opposite (#11). Note how the verses have diverged from the lemniscate's crossing point at Michaelmas, (which is Verse #26 with Polar verse #27). We have just passed Christmas (#38), which occurs right after the Winter Solstice and marks the bottom of the lemniscate. (St. John's Tide marks the top). We are now moving toward the crossing point which will occur at Easter (#1) while the polar verse has just passed St. John's Tide (#12).

For the Easter 2000 to Holy Saturday 2001 cycle:
This week's verse (#42) has dates of: January 25 - February 1
The polar verse (#11) corresponds to the week: June 16 - 22

[Note: The dates with the verses are the original dates given by Steiner.]

              St.John's ---------->  12-13
          (polar verse) ----------> 11     15
                                   6       19
                                     3    23
                  Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
                                    27 - 52
                                   29     49
                                  32       45
                                   34     42 <------(this week's verse)
                Christmas----------> 38-39

P'.    42. Woche    (19. - 25. Januar)
Es ist in diesem Winterdunkel
Die Offenbarung eigner Kraft
der Seele starker Trieb,
In Finsternisse sie zu lenken
Und ahnend vorzufuehlen
Durch Herzenswaerme Sinnesoffenbarung.

P'.    42nd week:    (January 19 - 25)
In this gloom of winter,
my soul's own strength is revealed
in its yearning urge to pass through
darkness and oblivion---

to feel its way forward---

anticipating the dawn
of sense revelation
through the warmth
of my heart.

K.    11. Woche    (16. - 22. Juni)
Es ist in dieser Sonnenstunde
An dir, die weise Kunde zu erkennen:

An Weltenschoenheit hingegeben,
In dir dich fuehlend zu durchleben:

Verlieren kann das Menschen-Ich
Und finden sich im Welten-Ich.

K.    11th week:    (June 16 - 22)
In this, the 'Hour of the Sun,'
it is up to you to realize
the tidings of wisdom.

Surrendered to the world's beauty,
feeling yourself within yourself,
you are to experience this:

the human *I* can lose itself---
then find itself in the cosmic *I*.