Calendar of the Soul

Verses by Rudolf Steiner
English Translations by Tom Mellett

Thirty Fifth Week / Eighteenth Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#35) and its polar opposite (#18). Note how the verses have diverged from the lemniscate's crossing point at Michaelmas, (which is Verse #26 with Polar verse #27). We are moving towards Christmas (#38), which occurs right after the Winter Solstice and marks the bottom of the lemniscate. (St. John's Tide marks the top).

For the Easter 2000 to Holy Saturday 2001 cycle:
This week's verse (#35) has dates of: December 1 - 7
The polar verse (#18) corresponds to the week: August 4 - 10

[Note: The dates with the verses are the original dates given by Steiner.]

            St.John's ---------->  12-13
                                  9     15
                                 6       18 <------(polar verse)
                                  3    23
               Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
                                 27 - 52
                                29     49
                               32       45
  (this week's verse) ------->  35     42
             Christmas----------> 38-39

I'.    35. Woche    (1. - 7. Dezember)
Kann ich das Sein erkennen,
Dass es sich wiederfindet
Im Seelenschaffensdrange?

Ich fuehle, dass mir Macht verlieh'n,
Das eigne Selbst dem Weltenselbst
Als Glied bescheiden einzuleben.

I'.    35th week:    (December 1 - 7)
Can I become so conscious
of my being---
that I may find myself again
in the urge of my soul
to create?

I feel that I have
borrowed strength
to fit my own self
into the self of the universe---
with humility.

R.    18. Woche    (4. - 10. August)
Kann ich die Seele weiten,
Dass sie sich selbst verbindet
Empfangenem Welten-Keimesworte?

Ich ahne, dass ich Kraft muss finden
Die Seele wuerdig zu gestalten
Zum Geistes-Kleide sich zu bilden.

R.    18th week:    (August 4 - 10)
Can I expand my soul
to unite
with the Cosmic Word
now conceived
as seed?

I sense that
I must find the force
to fashion my own soul
as a worthy garment
for the spirit.