Calendar of the Soul

Verses by Rudolf Steiner
English Translations by Tom Mellett

Twenty Ninth Week / Twenty Fourth Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#29) and its polar opposite (#24). Note how the verses diverge from the lemniscate's crossing point at Michaelmas, (which is Verse #26 with Polar verse #27). We are moving towards Christmas (#38), while the polar verse (#24), is now moving towards St. John's (#13).

For the Easter 2000 to Holy Saturday 2001 cycle:
This week's verse (#29) has dates of: October 20 - 26
The polar verse (#24) corresponds to the week: September 15 - 21

[Note: The dates with the verses are the original dates given by Steiner.]

         St.John's ---------->  12-13
                               9     15
                              6       19
                                3    24 <------(polar verse)
             Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
  (this week's verse) -------> 29 - 52
                              30     49
                             33       45
                              35     40
           Christmas----------> 38-39

C'.    29. Woche    (20. -26. Oktober)
Sich selbst des Denkens Leuchten
Im Innern kraftvoll zu entfachen,
Erlebtes sinnvoll deutend
Aus Weltengeistes Kraeftequell,

Ist mir nun Sommererbe---

Ist Herbstesruhe---

Und auch Winterhoffnung.

C'.    29th week:    (October 20 - 26)
To ignite the light of thinking
so forcefully within me---

To live within the meaning
of the cosmic spirit's source of power---

This is for me:

The heritage of summer,

The tranquillity of fall,

The hope of winter.

X.    24. Woche    (15. - 21. September)
Sich selbst erschaffend stets,
Wird Seelensein sich selbst gewahr;
Der Weltengeist, er strebet fort
In Selbsterkenntnis neu belebt
Und schafft aus Seelenfinsternis
Des Selbstsinns Willensfrucht.

X.    24th week:    (September 15 - 21)
By constantly creating itself,
My soul becomes aware of itself.

The cosmic spirit strives on---
In newly animated self-realization---

And creates out of soul darkness
the fruit of my will---

The sense of myself.