Calendar of the Soul

Verses by Rudolf Steiner
English Translations by Tom Mellett

Twenty Eighth Week / Twenty Fifth Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#28) and its polar opposite (#25). Note how the verses are again moving away from the lemniscate's crossing point at Michaelmas (#26).

For the Easter 2000 to Holy Saturday 2001 cycle:
This week's verse (#28) has dates of: October 13 - 19
The polar verse (#25) corresponds to the week: September 22 - 28

[Note: The dates with the verses are the original dates given by Steiner.]

         St.John's ---------->  12-13
                               9     15
                              6       19
                                3    25 <------(polar verse)
             Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
  (this week's verse) -------> 28 - 52
                              30     49
                             33       45
                              35     40
           Christmas----------> 38-39

B'.   28. Woche   (13. - 19. Oktober)
Ich kann im Innern neu belebt
Erfuehlen eignen Wesens Weiten
Und krafterfuellt Gedankenstrahlen
Aus Seelensonnenmacht
Den Lebensraetseln loesend spenden
Erfuellung manchem Wunsche leihen,
Dem Hoffnung schon sie Schwingen

B'.   28th week:   (October 13 - 19)
Newly revived within myself,
I can now experience the vastness of my own being.

Newly filled with forces
From the sun's power in my soul,
I can now release rays of thinking---
Solving riddles of existence.

I can now fulfill many a wish
whose wings before
had been crippled by hope.

Y.   25. Woche   (22. - 28. September)
Ich darf nun mir gehoeren
Und leuchtend breiten Innenlicht
In Raumes- und in Zeitenfinsternis.

Zum Schlafe draengt natuerlich Wesen,
Der Seele Tiefen sollen wachen
Und wachend tragen Sonnengluten
In kalte Winterfluten.

Y.   25th week:   (September 22 - 28)
I may now belong to myself.

I am luminous---
I spread my inner light
over the darknesses of space and time---
While all of Nature falls asleep.

But the depths of my soul shall awaken---
And, in awakening, shall carry
the sun's fire glowing
into the cold winter's surging.