Calendar of the Soul

Verses by Rudolf Steiner
English Translations by Tom Mellett

Twelfth Week / Forty First Week

Here is the next installment of the Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#12) and its polar opposite (#41). Note how the verses have diverged from the lemniscate's crossing point at Easter, (which is Verse #1 with Polar verse #52). We have reached St. John's Tide (#12), which occurs right after the Summer Solstice and marks the top of the lemniscate. (Christmas marks the bottom.)

For the Easter 2000 to Holy Saturday 2001 cycle:
This week's verse (#12) has dates of: June 24 - 29
The polar verse (#41) corresponds to the week: January 12 - 18

[Note: The dates with the verses are the original dates given by Steiner.]

              St.John's ---------->  12-13
              (this week's verse)   9     15
                                   6       19
                                     3    23
                  Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
                                    27 - 52
                                   29     49
                                  32       45
                                   34     41 <------(polar verse)
                Christmas----------> 38-39

L.    12. Woche    Johannes Stimmung.    (24. Juni)
Der Welten Schoenheitsglanz,
Er zwinget mich aus Seelentiefen
Des Eigenlebens Goetterkraefte
Zum Weltenfluge zu entbinden;
Mich selber zu verlassen,
Vertraurend nur mich suchend
In Weltenlicht und Weltenwaerme.

L.    12th Week    St. John's Mood    (June 24)
The splendor of Nature's beauty
Lures me out of my soul depths
To liberate for cosmic flight
The divine forces
Of my own existence.---

To abandon myself,
Yet trusting
And seeking myself alone
In cosmic light,
And cosmic warmth.

O'.    41. Woche    (12. - 18. Januar)
Der Seele Schaffensmacht,
Sie strebet aus dem Herzensgrunde,
Im Menschenleben Goetterkraefte
Zu rechtem Wirken zu entflammen,
Sich selber zu gestalten
In Menschenliebe und im Menschenwerke.

O'.    41st week    (January 12 - 18)
My soul's creative power!---
Yearning from the bottom of my heart---
Ignites in human life
Divine forces,
Shapes itself in human love and deed
For the purpose of right action.