Inside and Outside

We say that, as human beings, we are whatever is within our skins. That is, of course, an enormous misconception, for as soon as we understand what happens when we breathe, we see our connection with the world. Essentially, it makes no difference whether you have a piece of sugar in your mouth, which, in the next moment, will be inside your stomach, or whether the air is now outside and in the very next moment inside your lungs. The piece of sugar follows one kind of path through the body, the air, another. And whoever fails to take account of the air outside the body as part of oneself will also not count the mouth, but must determine that the body starts with the stomach. It is absurd therefore to think of oneself as cut off inside the skin.

December 9, 1923, Mystery Knowledge and Mystery Centers, 39 x 59 inches, chalk on paper, GA 232